The generalized business model

There are highlights and features of the True-Chain system, stages of start True-Chain ICO and our future vectors of development, components of the True-Chain system and it is shown as cooperation of these components will serve an ultimate goal of community - to be independent, stable, complete and effective. TCC - True-Chain Coin, will be based on technology of consensus POS, with an initial algorithm of enciphering SHA-256. We consider that True-Chain system is capable to change social, financial and trade branches, providing effective ways of linking of the world of cryptography with present traditional financial branch, socially important areas of society, and image of trade relations. Widespread adoption of blockchain technology revolutionizes many branches, in particular the financial industry. Using this exponential growing technology, knowledge and skills of constantly growing team, represented by all community True-Chain - there is a unique opportunity, joint efforts, to transform global perception of financial and trade branch, further developing the market of crypto currencies, developing innovative solutions and increasing efficiency for all participants and to create free and under control equally to all its participants - system. It is the uniform True-Chain system.

Our plan is completely to execute what needs to be made for realization of road map, for formation of strong and independent community with the decentralized and independent system. We make use of all experience available to us and knowledge, making for a maximum of efforts and achievement of the joint purpose of community.

True-Chain considers that the future is under construction enthusiasts, solid and carried away by one purpose, considers - that there is nothing impossible that development and unity are the correct way, they are effective and successful.

About us

Name of the company: True-Chain Internet Organization Ltd

Address: 25 Belsize Road Kilburn, London, United Kingdom, NW6 4AA

Phone: (+442080899490)

True-Chain project is based on the ideas of blockchain and system approach, on the ideas of equality and honest compensation, on the correct determination of value, at opening of opportunities for each member - freely to exchange values and to earn using all tools of the True-Chain system, to develop and raise together with community. The idea is what unites us in community, the unity does community stronger.

Our team

True-Chain team specializing in various areas and sectors, in total, capable to help firms and ordinary people to achieve the objectives, giving ready decisions for the existing problems of various areas. We know as the economy works, and we can repeat it, having improved, thanks to blockchain technology. Our team always looks for the innovative ideas and partners for creation of more effective tools, platforms and in general decisions.


The biggest advantage of True-Chain is openness for self-realization of each participant, innovation and our expert support team of the project. The team is always ready to be called for and also always strategically looks at the future. The big advantage of True-Chain team is its diversity from the point of view of offices, members of the team and also communications and partnership.

Unique functions of business

True-Chain will increase competitive advantages in the market, connecting the markets of crypto currencies with the current financial instruments, creating new payment methods available on the basis of True-Chain system. Providing the low commissions, stiffening spreads at trade in large volumes. Carrying out a high-quality research of the market and drawing up research reports.

Providing the relevant fundamental and technical analysis and service of funds program management which meets the requirements of the client.

Legal requirements

Legal aspects are a key to success of True-Chain system. As it will be necessary for us to get the relevant regulating permissions in the markets where we will work.

Anyway, True-Chain, will always seek to observe any necessary laws. We recognize importance of observance of rules is necessary for creation of steadily working system, concerning sale of tokens, crypto currencies, and trade derivatives. True-Chain will provide full transparency and legality, becoming reliability stronghold in the world of crypto currencies.

We have registered our company according to the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and using this license, we can openly conduct our activity. Moreover, we are in process of obtaining the bank license as our purpose is to create digital bank. Also True-Chain will begin to give KYC forms for opening of STP accounts.


Our KYC and AML will meet the strictest requirements in the market. Our rules will be sufficient and, more likely, they will exceed all requirements necessary for regulators, banks, brokers, the exchanges and mainly to our clients. Our account supports "One-For-All", it means clients can use all components of True-Chain system from one account.

Our values

  • - Honesty and openness
  • - Integrity and organization
  • - Efficiency and quality
  • - Harmony and balance
  • - Social responsibility
  • - Self-improvement

Our Vision

We understand the current situation in the market. However we also know what comparative advantages we have. Having extensive experience of team of support and developers in different areas and understanding problems which exist in the market and knowing the ways of their decision, we are collectively capable to make the most effective decisions, productively moving in the direction of formation of reliable system and community. As for growth rates, we looked at previous years which have shown steady growth rate of number of users in various markets and the growing interest in crypto currencies, web technologies and the IT industries in general. We have found out that growth of number of accounts on various platforms connected with these branches is about 200% for the last few years. It gives the confidence in inevitable success of True-Chain as complex platform decision. The project purpose is to become the self-sufficient and constantly developing, social and economic rule. Thanks to lack of a limit of development of the project, we receive boundless prospects of inevitably successful ICO True-Chain. The scale of the project, the number of the affected markets, the lack of ideological restriction in development, global social structure of community - all this provides well-being of True-Chain system. Becoming a part of the community and investing in True-Chain you not just ensure stable income, and also growth perspective of your investments in tens, hundreds and thousands of times as with a high share of probability, under our assumptions, True-Chain token - TCC, will become a universal crypto currency of global format sooner or later, but also, you become a part of the community with a vector of global development. Considering rapid growth of the crypto industry, constantly growing interest among the public and an economic crisis of the present, True-Chain will be the successful solution of the existing problems of the present and a step to creation of a new future, free and decentralized, honest, the one opening opportunities for everyone.

Having sufficient experience in the sphere of investment and understanding of subtleties and the main aspects of ICO projects, and also strong links and sources of information from this area, our team rather successfully invests and operates finance of investors.

Our team defines perspective startups and invests on the basis of insider information, the analysis of a technical part of startups and prospects of the ideas realized by projects. We analyze projects of various directions from platform decisions on the basis of blockchain technology and its adaptation under different businesses, to projects in the sphere of E-commerce and startups directed to realization and finding solutions to various high-tech branches such as artificial intelligence and neuronets, robotics and various others.

We carefully estimate also projects, paying attention to uniqueness of the project, its idea and a possibility of its realization, level of training and readiness of a full-fledged product, terms of entry into the market, market size, team and its competence, existence of accurate algorithms of monetization and the strategy of development for a startup.

True-Chain is unique at some degree as it allows all investors, not just to be the holder of a token, but at the same time become a participant of a financial turn of the invested means, with an opportunity to get stable profit, here and now.

As we conduct the active investment, successful, thanks to confidence in reliability of these or those ICO caused by the careful analysis of projects, communication with key persons in the crypto industry and possession of insider information, we can provide stable profitability, for the invested share of a capital circulation of the company and the project. According to this profitability, we are ready to allocate dividends to our investors, at the rate from 1.70% up to 8% daily, offering the best terms to the largest and active participants.

What will be the future? This question is always relevant, especially in the modern world, within actively developing technologies. Will we face the global corporate order or the decentralized delegate democracy, what is the future in society and economics?

True-Chain is the potential solution of the existing present problems. True-Chain is a system, community with a vector of continuous development. True-Chain is a true way.