Bounty+ program

True-Chain will continue the official complex Bounty campaign till March 10, 2019 to reward supporters who help True-Chain to develop, become famous and popular among people. The campaign will last till the end of the main stage of token sale which will end on March 10, 2019.

5% of the total amount of tokens 800 million TCC, i.e. 40 million tokens, are reserved for complex bounty campaign

Bounty campaign of True-Chain also includes the classical partner program that does our bounty campaign one of the most effective and interesting for active people.

How does bounty work in True-Chain?

Everything is very simple; you earn commission in the currency of TCC tokens and that currency in which a deposit has been made by your involved investor, 6% of the sum of the investments involved by you to True-Chain ICO project. Moreover, you earn commission in the currency of TCC tokens and that currency in which a deposit has been made by your involved investor at the same time. Also, you earn commission of the 2nd and 3rd level in the amount of 1% from investors who are invited by your involved participants.

Also, you can involve participants in any way, placing your referral link anywhere using any methods which allows using the bounty program most effectively, published information about True-Chain in social networks, profile resources, messengers and chats, e-mail mailings, personal correspondences, and also at any other options of promoting.

Moreover, you can earn commission for performance of the tasks which are located in a private profile of each registered participant. Tasks which enable you to earn commission mean performance of various actions in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube.

Commission is paid in US dollars, to your accounting balance where you can invest it.
Thus, True-Chain offers the most profitable and interesting partner program giving the chance to earn here and now.

Representative Status

We also give an opportunity to earn more to those people, who help the company and the project with development more actively, supporting our philosophy and rates of growth.

If you are able to create structure of partners, take active living position, or just feel leadership skills and can communicate with people, inviting them for participation - then it is your chance!

To become the representative of the company, and also to have an opportunity to earn the increased referral rewards of 12% for invited of the first line, 2% for invited of the second line and 1% for invited of the third line, it is necessary to execute one of the below conditions:

Terms for receiving Representative Status:

  • 1. Make the detailed review of our investment program on the Internet resource and send us the link to the page of your website and this review.
  • 2. You can make the video review of our project and post video on your YouTube channel. Send us the link to this video and you will be able to receive the Status of the Representative.
  • 3. You can invest in True-Chain and receive the Status of the Representative if your investment makes $1000 or more.
  • 4. Also, you can receive the Status of the Representative if in your partner structure there are 12 or more active referrals.

Fill the Application form for obtaining the Status of the Representative as soon as possible and begin to earn much more!