User guide

Since the autumn of 2018, True-Chain is officially registered in the UK as the True-Chain Internet Organization Ltd under number 11571109. To check the data, we recommend visiting the website of Companies House:
True-Chain is the independent ICO startup supported by a group of the people interested in economically free society, honest distribution of values and development of digital technologies.
True-Chain Coin is a payment service provider for daily calculations and true crypto currency, with fast transactions and zero commissions according to the technology of POS consensus with starting algorithm of SHA-256 crypto operation.
True-Chain Coin will have the global value provided with media products, goods and services created and supported by community and the True-Chain system, irrespective of location and time.
True-Chain coin ensures the most effective functioning in True-Chain system, on the one hand, and it is the perspective profitable tool on the other, being also decentralized and honest.
True-Chain Pre-ICO (50% discount) begins on December 1, 2018 and ends on January 10, 2019. During the first stage of presale it is planned to sell 80 million tokens of TCC, at the price of $0.0025 for a token.

The second round of Pre-ICO (30% of discount) begins on January 10, 2019 and ends on February 10, 2019. During the second stage of presale it is planned to sell 160 million tokens of TCC, at the price of $0.0035 for a token.

True-Chain ICO begins on February 10, 2019 and ends on March 10, 2019. During the main period of token sale it is planned to sell 280 million tokens of TCC, at the price of $0.005 for a token.

True-Chain coin will sell for $0.005 USD during the normal ICO, after going through 2 discount cycles (50%, 30% off).
The total amount of tokens is 800 million. We will rigidly limit further release of coins and it will be carried out only as limited circulation in need of market stabilization.
We support the electronic payment service providers, most popular and simple in use, including crypto currencies.
It is important to understand that we are not working in the business with a high degree of risk and are not engaged in commercial activity - usually these two components of the business involve certain risks. True-Chain offers a safe investment service that does not mean financial losses.
Any interested individual of a legal age according to the legislation of the country of his/her national status, and also a group of persons or the legal entity, with the corresponding registration, no matter whether they understand the markets, crypto currencies, blockchain, IT technologies and blockchain business or not, regardless of the geographical position, religious religion, race and the special statuses. True-Chain is an open community for all who is interested in the world of crypto currencies, investments, startups, exchange trade, and Web technologies.
Pass a short registration procedure on the website and you can start investing with our automated platform. This does not require any further actions or verification of identity from you.
If necessary, you can register multiple accounts, for example, for your friends or relatives. However, we recommend that you refrain from using your partnership links in the registration of other accounts - it can be regarded as an abuse of the partnership program and will result in the automatic suspension of your account.
Of course, you can register multiple accounts on the condition that they do not have partnership connections.
Yes. In the end of Token Sale, and also distributions of tokens, listing at several large exchanges is planned. We have preliminary arrangements with representatives of these exchanges and we have no right to open their names, exact dates of listing and other details of arrangements.
Upon TCC coin conclusion output to the exchanges, we will post all information in our social networks and news feed of the website. Also, there will be announcements, both at the exchanges, and on our website, and social networks.
These tokens will be placed in the Design Reserve, and will be used further only for development of True-Chain system and subprojects of system. All process of internal financing is transparent and completely under control of the True-Chain community.
Use a widget of social networks on our website, or an address form in the section "Contacts" for communication with us.